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At Ambient Lens, we offer a wide range of professional services ranging from Film Production & Photography to Web Development & Graphic Design.

With over five years of experience in digital marketing & media production, we at Ambient Lens offer you state of the art digital marketing & event services. State of the art is what we are all about. We are constatnly researching new technologies and adding them to our list of growing services. We aim to make your project or event as memorable as possible utilizing state of the art technology and marketing techniques.

Let us manage your project from start to finish and put you at ease. Feel confident in working with our professional team. Set up a timeline that outlines your project from start to finish. If you have a specific deadline we will happily work with you to make it happen! Our team is flexible and will always rise to the occasion to meet your project or event needs. We communicate with you about what you want! Talk to our award winning team about your upcoming event or project, today!

Our Award Winning Team


Donavan Seschillie

Director & Producer

Specializes in: Video & Film Production, Photography

Donavan Seschillie (Navajo) a Native American, is a self-taught filmmaker from Northern Arizona who specializes in short narratives, documentaries, promotional videos, and music videos. Donavan’s work has been showcased throughout Arizona and the United States at various Film Festivals, Universities, Schools, and Special Events. As a child Donavan was fascinated by the medium of film and saw its captivating potential, this lead to his ongoing fascination with the study of film and the filmmaking process. At the age of 17, Donavan created his first acclaimed and renowned short film entitled “Real Love” (2007), which won him the attention of filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike throughout the United States. In 2007 the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian acquired Donavan’s short film for their collection. “Real Love” (2007) is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institute. Continuing to work with the medium of film Donavan proceeded to pursue his dream, working on various projects, which helped to further develop his style and technique as a filmmaker. It was in 2011 at the age of 23 that Donavan’s short film “The Rocket Boy” (2011) premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His film was received with wide critical acclaim. It was with this short film that Donavan felt he had somewhat proven himself and his techniques as a filmmaker. He was and remains the youngest Native American to premiere a short film in a professional competition. In late 2011 he and his fellow filmmaking crew from “The Rocket Boy” (2011) formed their own production company: Paper Rocket Productions; a company dedicated to telling indigenous stories throughout the United States. As his interests in the art of filmmaking grew, Donavan parted ways with Paper Rocket Productions to further research new and upcoming techniques and develop his skills by learning more about the various processes involved in filmmaking. In early 2014 Donavan entered the world of marketing and film production forming his own company; Ambient Lens LLC in Flagstaff, Arizona. His current company, Ambient Lens LLC, is a firm that collaborates with emerging artists and businesses from the state of Arizona, providing a wide range of production and marketing services to the local community.


Martha Penado

Marketing Director & Producer

Specializes in: Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Film Production

Martha Penado is a marketing director and film producer located in Northern Arizona. Martha has had the opportunity to collaborate and work on a vast range of projects and visual mediums throughout her career. At an early age Martha was fascinated by the medium of animated feature films and discovered her love for drawing, illustration, and design. It was this love of design that lead Martha to later pursue a degree from the University of Arizona in Architecture, Science and Technology (2012). By the age of 19, Martha published her first illustrated children's book "Eggstinkt" (2008) utilizing her graphic design skills in not only creating the illustrations for the book but also in designing the overall layout of the book with her publishing company. A year later she released "Star Stuff" (2009) with the opportunity to once again collaborate with the publishers graphic design team. Martha continued to challenge herself in the realm of design researching new techniques and technology. In 2010 she started work as a graphic designer and web programmer, developing the website and promotional materials for the short film "The Rocket Boy" (2010) at its Sundance Film Festival debut. It was this experience in working with filmmakers that jump started Martha's interest in filmmaking, web development, and graphic design. Martha proceeded to collaborate with several of the departments at the University of Arizona including; The BIO5 institute (2010), the OBGYN department (2010-2012), and the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (2011-2012). As Martha's skills developed so did her interests in design and technology. In the fall of 2012, Martha left the University of Arizona to continue her work in Freelance Graphic Design & Web Programming, while also exploring the world of film and feature filmmaking. As a filmmaker, Martha Penado has helped to promote various outreach programs and organizations through several visual mediums. With a focus mainly in marketing and web development, Martha has managed and developed various marketing techniques for several organizations utilizing some of the most compelling web enabled graphics and web animations as a method of communication through various web sites as well as several social media platforms. In more recent years, Martha has entered into the realm of film production, leading several communications and film projects to their completion helping to promote various industries throughout the state of Arizona. She currently operates her company Ambient Lens LLC, managing and producing various projects throughout Northern Arizona.