Video & Film Production
Ambient Lens will shoot and edit based upon your video production needs. Your voice will help us to create a final product that you will see through from start to finish.

At Ambient Lens we take video & film production to a whole new level offering you state of the art technology and services!

Personal video production: We will tell your story through stylized and unique images. We will capture those timeless moments and create an unforgettable video that you can share with your friends and family.

Marketing and promotional videos: We will collaborate closely with you to create a video that can be shown on television or through various media outlets. Let us work with you to create a video that shines and really promotes your companies aspects.

Contact us to find out more about our video & film production services!

Our photography services are at your disposal, capture moments that can express a wide range of emotions through a single frame.

Ambient Lens has a unique way of photographing subjects and clients. Our flexible service will meet any demands that your project or event might have. We will work with you to shoot and edit each and every frame from a photoshoot that you personally select. Our photography service includes a wide array of techniques and services. Several of our clients in the past have even requested photos that they feel will help to tell their life story and capture their unforgetable moments. Let us help to take shap-shots that you feel illustrate your story, inquire to find out more today!

Web Design & Development
Our web programmer will help to make your next website stunning. Our websites are 100% responsive, and workable on various devices, mobile included. Let us help you get started on your next website today.

Here at Ambient Lens, we aim to help you in creating a memorable and unique experience for anyone who comes accross your website. Work with our web developer to create a unique design and layout. Make your website easy to use, responsive, and memorable. Expand your image online, contact us to get a quote for your upcoming web project today!

Graphic Design
Our graphic designer specializes in a wide array of services from business cards to posters, logos, and promotional materials she has got you covered. Make your graphics stand out. Let us collaborate with you on your next project, today!

At Ambient Lens we know the power good design can have. Graphics communicate to your audience. We help to make your designs stunning, bold, and captivating. Let us help you to establish a new brand or bring life to your unique ideas. Contact us today to get a quote.

Main services
Responsive Website Design

Our websites are 100% responsive and will work on various devices. Contact us today to talk to us about your next web project.


Relive and capture the moment! Our film production crew will capture your wedding and make it unforgetable, all at an affordable rate.

Social Media/Marketing

Let us help to manage your companys social media network and keep it up to date with stunning graphics. Inquire Today.

Image Correction

Need an item removed or simply need an image restored? Have no fear, our graphics team can help you out with our state of the art technology and services. Inquire today.

Live Events

Let our award winning production crew capture your live event so that you can relive every moment. Get in touch with us about your upcoming event today!

Digital Media Services

We keep up to date with our digital media services researching and integrating new technologies into what we offer. If you do not see the services you were looking for mentioned above, please feel free to contact our award winning team to see if we can help you!


Ambient Lens even offers consulting services. Contact us to find out more today.